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Fear of the dentist affects many patients from all walks of life. From young to old, dental anxiety keeps many from visiting the dentist altogether. At Mady Dental, we strive to make your experience a pleasant one and help take the dread out of seeing your dentist by offering sedation dentistry. Offering nitrous, oral and sleep sedation, there are many options to help you feel completely relaxed throughout every visit! Nitrous sedation (laughing gas) is offered in our office at no cost to you! Find out more about sedation dentistry by calling our office and setting up a Free Consultation!


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Nitrous sedation – also known as laughing gas – is administered through a face mask and takes effect within minutes. This form of sedation is a milder form and allows you to feel completely at ease during your entire appointment. Nitrous sedation will not make you fall asleep, however you will not be bothered by surrounding sounds and smells while under the nitrous sedation, and your appointment will be over in what seems like only minutes. Once the mask is removed, the sedation wears off within 3-5 minutes and you will be safe to drive home.

Oral sedation is taken in pill form and takes effect right away. This sedation makes you feel deeply relaxed and unaware of surrounding sounds and smells. You can respond to Dr. Mady when needed, but you will only remember moments of the appointment or may not remember the appointment at all. Oral sedation takes a few hours to wear off, so you will need to bring along a driver to take you home.

Sleep sedation helps you fall into a deep sleep and you will be completely relaxed throughout the entire appointment. This is the strongest form of sedation that we offer and can help anyone make it through any appointment necessary without feeling any discomfort. A driver will need to come with you to bring you home following your visit.

Sedation dentistry can change the way you feel about treatment by helping you feel relaxed and completely at ease every time you see Dr. Mady. No matter how short the appointment or how extensive the treatment, there is a form of sedation that can be used to make your experience a pleasant one!

Yes! There is no visit too short or too minor for sedation dentistry. You can use sedation dentistry to help you feel comfortable during any visit.

The best way to find out which type of sedation dentistry is best for you is by calling our office and setting up a Free Consultation. Dr. Mady will go over your options and help you decide which type of sedation will best suit your needs.

What Others Are Saying

“Just got back from Mady Dental for a wisdom tooth extraction and it was anything but “pulling teeth”. I am always amazed how little discomfort I experience (if any). If your hygienist/dentist make you hurt, you’re at the wrong place…Get to MADY DENTAL!!!”

– Leonard S., Facebook

“Let’s face it. Nobody likes going to the dentist. Especially me. Over the past two years I have developed quite a fear and lots of anxiety just thinking I had to see the dentist. All that changed since I recently came under the care of Dr. Mady and his professional staff. Dr. Mady is a compassionate and patient doctor who cares about his patient’s dental care and general wellbeing. He is extremely competent and quickly and pretty much painlessly treats your teeth. I am so thankful for coming under his care! Thank you Dr. Mady and your entire staff.”

– Lynn N., Google