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$79 Cleaning Special

*Only for standard cleaning. Does not include novocaine or deep cleanings if necessary. Any extras will be discussed prior to additional treatment so there are no surprises! Your $79 Cleaning offer will be honored regardless.
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No Insurance? No Problem!

Implant Learning Center

If you have missing teeth and want to smile, speak, and eat once again with comfort and confidence, dental implants may be the solution for you. Dental implants offer the most stable and long-lasting results, and can be made to match the natural color of your teeth. Comfortable and cosmetically appealing, implants help you regain a strong, healthy bite. Visit our Implant Learning Center for more information, or give us a call to set up a Free Consultation today!

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Sedation Learning Center

Do you experience anxiety about going to the dentist? We aim to make your dental experience as relaxed and stress-free as possible. Each member of our caring, helpful team take the time to listen to your concerns and help you cope with fear throughout your dental procedures. We even offer free laughing gas for qualifying treatment. Visit our Sedation Learning Center for more information, or give us a call to set up a Free Consultation today!

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Welcome to

Mady Dental!

Our office was founded by Dr. Mark Mady, DMD in 1977. Dr. Mark Mady built our current facility in 1988, one of the first private dental offices to have nitrous oxide (laughing gas) available in each and every operatory. His vision was to provide family dentistry, sedation, and implant services in a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere. Dr. John Mady is proud to continue his father’s legacy and to make overall health and oral cancer screenings an integral part of every dental checkup. We strive to provide world class customer service and to be informative and compassionate with each of our patients. We provide many amenities to make your visit as comfortable as possible. We hope to see you soon!